Hopes and dreams


Like the waves

Scottish surfer travels to and fro, then settles in Hong Kong.

Has Vangvieng changed?

One year after the government closed the bars and put an end to drug outlets in Vangvieng, the village is struggling to get back to business. We spent a weekend.

Poems, some used in songs

I wrote poems before discovering that I could use them as lyrics to my songs. This is a collection of the poems I’ve written from the time I tried to describe my first crush poetically until I attempted to capture special moments with words, Pablo Neruda style. Worn-out Levi’s jeans Your dusty tattered Mojo Beneath … More

How a vegan restaurant in Singapore tries to fight cancer

Along the tourist-flocked Chinatown Food Street in Singapore, a long-established restaurant hails potential customers to get inside with its free spiritual books in English and Chinese, old tapes and CDs with Chinese labels. Nothing in its facade is delicious. A menu of three dishes handwritten in Chinese and English on a chalk board: BROWN RICE … More

The Mothers Who Fled Marawi

Batabor remembered how she left home that day. Except for the intermittent sounds of gunfire, she thought her neighborhood was quiet.


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